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What is a Badass Creative?

#BadassCreatives are artists, makers, and creative entrepreneurs.

They are supporters of indie business, ethical goods, and the handmade economy. They are geeks, freaks, and weirdos, and they don’t believe that any of those are dirty words.

#BadassCreatives stand for love, empathy, diversity, and equality. They believe that art, creativity, innovation, and kindness can change the world.


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Hi! Welcome to the club!

Badass Creatives is hosted and curated by Mallory Whitfield.

Based in New Orleans, Mallory is an artist, speaker, and author of How to Make Money at Craft Shows.

She is currently developing her book and signature keynote performance, #TowardsTogether: a vision for a kinder, more inclusive world.

Find more free resources for artists at her website.

Mallory Whitfield 2018 - headshot by Sarah Deragon

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